The History of Winnie the Pooh at the V&A – Exploring A Classic

The much loved pages of classic Winnie the Pooh stories have been brought to life at the V&A. Running from December to April this is a change to not only discover details of the universally loved bear but also learn more about the partnership between author A.A Milne and the illustrator E.H.Shepard. The stories were inspired by A.A.Milne’s son Christopher Robin and his collection of soft toys. Interestingly there are letters of correspondence displayed alongside sketch ideas and pencil illustrations that show the mutual respect both author and illustrator had for one another. Aside from treasured childhood memories the exhibition demonstrates how layouts and prints were made before computers streamlined the process and the visitor gets a feel of the craftsmanship behind each drawing.



Entering under a ceiling of balloons adults and children alike are immersed in the pages of the books and can even play pooh-sticks over a projected river. There is a slide, ‘tea party’ and Eeyore’s house has been recreated for children to climb inside. Merchandise throughout history to the present day shows the far reaching affects of this little bear and his friends.


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