Cereal Killer Cafe!

The Cereal Killer Cafe opened in mid December on London’s Brick Lane to more than a bowlful of controversial aggravation.  Many viewed the cafe as overpriced and in poor taste considering the location and target demographic. £3.20 for a bowl of high sugar cereal may seem like a lot, but how different is that to buying a bowl of porridge in Costa or a Starbucks breakfast muffin?

The majority view has now gone full circle, via the internet and even Boris Johnson. The hipster owners – twins Gary and Alan Keery –  are now seen to be bringing wealth to the area by selling the concept of cereal as a treat.

With over 120 different types of cereal and 30 different types of milk, customers can choose ready made combinations or create their own,including a choice of 20 different toppings.  The choice of milk is provided separately in a small vintage milk bottle to be added as required. While waiting in the queue visitors can see the limited edition cereal boxes on display while downstairs there are retro children’s TV programmes playing on old fashioned TV’s surrounded by cereal box toys and collectibles.


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