Finisterre London Flagship Store

Located on Earlham Street just off of Seven Dials, Finisterre’s flagship store is miles away from its humble beginnings by the sea.

The cold water surf company is not only a supplier of functional surf equipment but also stocks a desirable range of high quality clothing that exude the surf lifestyle. Although cold water surfing is a niche market, its associated lifestyle is not.

Customers are greeted with a flexible space that includes seating and products displays. On display is a prototype wetsuit which hangs in a recessed space complimented by surf photos and other key products. A service counter stretches through the store where staff are happy to talk through products as well as serve coffee. The interior reinforces surf culture with the use of raw materials and a natural palette that resemble a weathered coastal structure.

Most coastal brands seem to draw on a quaint view of the sea, with idyllic beach huts and summer holidays. Finisterre builds on a truth about the sea in all natures with boldness and honesty. Is London a fitting location for a coastal brand like finisterre or is the capital too far from home?


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