Making A Corporate Website More Appealing

It goes without saying that a strong website is an absolute necessity for any business. For most of us it’s our shop window, the cover by which our brand is judged and the means by which we communicate. Corporate websites are also a crucial part of day-to-day business, the mechanism which drives trade. Therefore, it’s essential that it represents your brands core values effectively and functions in the most efficient way. A successful website design is more important than ever before.

Our digital design specialist, Luke Hobbs, discusses some of the key areas where businesses get it wrong and the ways in which a successful corporate website design really can make all the difference…

Corporate website design

“Information overload is the biggest area where corporate websites go wrong. If you look on most sites there’s too much. They’re trying to give the user so much information but actually end up giving them none. You have to strip everything back to the key points, direct people to the correct product or feature and ensure information is always relevant. The visuals, words and functionality all have to be clear and simple. It’s about getting the facts across and making sure that the product is well-defined.

“So many sites also lose that human touch; they use too much convoluted language and overcomplicate the design. If businesses can find the key facts needed by their clients, they can then begin to streamline the whole process with a hierarchy of valuable information the customer needs. Just because you’re B2B doesn’t mean that you’re not dealing with people. You might not have a direct connection with your customers but they still need to have an efficient and simple service, which makes them want to buy your product again and again. An effective e-commerce website needs to combine aesthetics with an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience.

“The design needs to focus on simplicity and functionality more than the visuals. Being user-friendly is far more important that an elaborate layout. You want simple links and a visually clear product page to basket to checkout process so that the customer can make a quick informed transaction. Phoenix Wharf are currently working on a new B2B website for a client and they already have a strong search functionality so we’ve incorporated that into the design and made the search bar the biggest feature in the header. This will direct people to interact with the search function making sure they can get to the specific product page as quickly as possible, knowing that a lot of people would use the search function from the testing, we designed the search results to push them to the product but also other relevant pages of interest.

“If your product is a necessity for your day to day life, for example tires, it’s about the user experience and the way people navigate around the site. You want a perfect service that enables you to find the exact tires you need in the most efficient way. It’s not completely about beautiful big images the wow factor becomes how you can save clients as much time as possible so that they’re ultimately making the sale as quickly as possible – which is the best outcome for both parties. Nobody wants to spend hours shopping for different variety’s of tires so you have to give them a streamlined experience that will narrow down there decisions in a well designed but clear process.

“In summary, it’s about making sure that the product is clear, presenting the pertinent information in a concise way and keeping the user experience as streamlined as possible. That’s the challenge we face whenever we design a corporate website, and it’s one that we relish.”


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