MADE.COM Showrooms

The Notting Hill showroom is on the 9th Floor and you get there by entering your e-mail address on an iPad in a large yellow wall feature.  You then take a lift to the showroom which is bright and open with subtle ‘rooms’ created with fabric wall fins. The fabric allows the light to travel through the ‘walls’ for an open yet enclosed feel.

At the entrance to the showroom you can pick up an iPad mini which enables you to scan products throughout the showroom holding the device over the little +’s tagged onto all furniture and accessories.  You are taken to the product page fr additional information and  you can then create a personal shopping list or collection of favourites which can be e-mailed for reference or online purchasing later.

Made x Unboxed is a Pinterest style photo blog  from customers showcasing their latest furniture purchases. The framed display shows inspirational ways the furniture has been used with a wide variety of interior styles, while the wall mounted screen gives customers website access to see the newest uploads from homes and spaces around Europe.

Dark columns, flooring and ceilings contrast with white walls for a neutral backdrop for the room sets.

In the Soho showroom, as in the Notting Hill equivalent, a large wall of product cards and material swatches allows customers to feel materials and take swatches of colours and fabrics for their preferred items.

The showroom is a working space with offices integrated into the layout.  Customers can see employees hard at work while perusing the latest ranges.  Another feature of the Soho showroom is a series of projectors with changing furniture and lighting options.  This means that a room set has several items of ‘real’ furniture and many more options of projected variations.


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