Selfridges Christmas Windows 2015

The iconic Selfridges Christmas Windows on London’s Oxford Street are a tradition many look forward to. This year the displays were based on the stars, inspired by the  star in the Christmas Nativity. The signs of the zodiac are represented throughout the windows with the final and largest window housing a mechanical scale model of the solar system.  Working with Greenwich Observartory the model is fully rotating creating a dynamic corner window display.

As is now expected, the theme continues in store with an ‘Astrolounge’ on the lower ground floor showcasing a collection of atrology themed products. Mannequins are in zodiac themed fashion and the ‘Forest on the Roof’ restaurant and bar concept delights diners with a feast beneath a ‘starry sky’.

The theme provides an opportunity to create dark and atmospheric backdrops contrasted with sparkly and illuminated display features.  As is typical of the displays, the closer you get, the more you see.  Products are strategically scattered or suspended throughout each window.

Interestingly, the windows were unveiled before the launch of this year’s John Lewis Christmas campaign which also draws on a space theme. The now famous advert, which features an elderly gentleman looking back to earth from the moon bears a striking resemblance to the Ardberg Whiskey window display.


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